3 Keys to Effective Sales and Marketing Automation

Sales and marketing automation is hot, and for good reason. Done right, automation adds an astounding amount of leverage to your efforts. Here are my top 3 keys for bringing more automation to your funnels without losing that all important “personal touch.”

Automation Tip #1: Begin with the End in Mind

Knowing your audience and the next action you want them to take with you is a critical first for any effective sales and marketing strategy and even more so when you are moving towards greater and greater degrees of automation.  Automation expands your results so make sure you are not expanding “vague and confused” within your prospects with funnels that lack a clear “this is your next step” call to action.

Automation Tip #2: Baby Steps
Now that you have defined a clear intention and end game for your automated marketing (usually a sale), you’ll want to identify how you will lead them to that end goal, and the rule here is baby steps.  Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes and figure out what you need to communicate to help them take that next step.  To be effective, these steps should be tracked as your prospects move through your automated sequences. This is critical as your sequences are only as good as the weakest link so you better know which one it is. Guessing is for amateurs.

This is also how you get to know and build relationship with your audience. What do they want? What do they respond to? What do they ignore or miss? Where do you lose them asking for too much? Where do you lose then asking for too little? How do they want to interact with you? Do they love video? Hate it?  Through this process you are listening and through listening you have the opportunity to become more relevant to your audience thereby earning their trust.

Automation Tip #3: Use the Right Tool for the Job
As any cook or carpenter will tell you, the right tools makes all the difference in both your experience on the job and in the results your efforts deliver. Your business is no different, and the three tools that will make or break your automation success are your CRM system, your list hosting + email marketing system and your e-commerce system.

Most online business owners get the need for a system that can host their email subscriber list and send emails. There are many options from MailChimp to Constant Contact to aWeber, each with pros and cons.  Most business owners also understand the importance of having a system that can take payments online. PayPal is actually the simplest e-commerce “system” you can have, and for very small, service provider type businesses, PayPal may be all that’s needed.

The CRM (Contact Relationship Management) is what allows you to super-fine-tune your communication based on actions taken and interests indicated.  This raises your communication relevance and by doing so you massively increase your KLT (Know-Like-Trust) factor. (Click to learn more about why KLT matters.)  You can get started with automation with a decent list hosting + email marketing system (such as the ones I mentioned above) and a method for getting paid online, but if you really want to go from the basics to the kind of automation that enables you to build a multi-six figure and better business, you’ll have to add a robust CRM system to your tool box, and for that we use and recommend Infusionsoft.

We also recommend Infusionsoft because in addition to a robust CRM, you’ll also gain a list hosting + email marketing sysetm + e-commerce fully integrated with the CRM, and that is when sales and marketing automation magic can occur!

You can save time, save money, and to hit the ground running on your goals with what we believe to be the most powerful small business sales and marketing automation software out there.

Give yourself the gift of marketing automation. Organize your list of contacts, send follow-up messages, grow sales…and still have time for holiday cheer. It’s never been a better time to sign up with Infusionsoft.


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