Monday Mastery: How to Create Freedom in Your Business

USA dream.If you asked 10 entrepreneurs to list their top 3 values, you can bet that at least 9 of them would include “freedom.”  You can hear it expressed as the “why” in their success stories:

“I wanted the opportunity to pursue my dream.

” I wanted to have the ability to do work that was fulfilling and purposeful.”

“I wanted the flexibility of being my own boss.”

But what happens when the business you started to create more freedom begins to restrict your freedom in more ways than a j.o.b. ever could? Instead of a “boss,” you have over-demanding clients, not-in-sync employees or team members, a plethora of bright shiny opportunities distractions, and an impossibly long, and perpetually growing, to do list.

Or maybe you’re newer to the business game and you are in the full lock down of overwhelm.  You’ve got too many ideas, too many coaches, too many how-to programs and practically no money.  Freedom?  Hardly.

How did this happen? 

It doesn’t matter. As my husband (who’s built several multimillion dollar companies) likes to say, “Who cares how you got into the ditch?  Just figure out how to get out of it.”

How you get out of the ditch is Practice.

Maybe when you think of Practice, you think of a yoga practice, a meditation practice, or a prayer practice.  And it’s true, those spiritually oriented pursuits are commonly associated with a Practice.  You can also have a dietary practice, an exercise practice, a money-saving/investing practice or a blog writing practice – heck brushing your teeth is a practice – because all a Practice is, is the structured commitment to do some “thing” day in and day out.

  • Yoga practice = freedom in your body
  • Meditation practice = freedom in your mind
  • Dietary/exercise practice = freedom from the burden of excess weight or disease
  • Money saving/investing practice = freedom from the restrictions of “have-not” down the road
  • Business Practice = the freedom you started your business to have

It may sound counter-intuitive, and it’s frequently the very thing the high-creative, lover-of-being-in-the-flow, entrepreneur type resists, but if you want freedom, you must commit to the disciplined structure of Practice in your business.

Here are a just few suggestions for bringing Practice, and freedom, to your business:

  • Setting and engaging yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals
  • Beginning your day with the end in mind (on paper)
  • Publishing two blogs a week
  • Scheduled review of key metrics
  • Reading two business or personal development books a month
  • Completing one how-to course a quarter

How do you Practice business? Let us know in the comments.

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When she's not outside hiking in the beautiful foothills of the Rocky Mountains or in her garden, MaryKay can be found strategizing how to help small business owners and entrepreneurs get more out of their businesses - more time, more impact, more profits, and more scale. She's mad for all things marketing, Memberium powered membership sites, craft beer and Boulder (not necessarily in that order).

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