Automate the “Heavy Lifting” in Your Business with Infusionsoft

black-phone-300x199Remember rotary dial phones, Rolodex’s and fax machines? These were the state of the art sales and marketing “automation” tools of the 1960’s and ’70’s. Anyone still using them in 1990 however, was most certainly overwhelmed, frustrated and struggling to maintain a healthy cash flow – IF they were still in business at all!

If you are experiencing overwhelm, frustration, inconsistent cash flow, and/or slower than desired growth, your sales and marketing systems are not up with the times!

You are getting left behind and you know it, but what to do?

Today the demand for effective, efficient sales and marketing automation has never been greater, and this holds true for 21st Century-style “online” businesses as well as today’s “brick and mortar” businesses. If you want your business to thrive, smart and strategic automation is essential, and our recommendation for getting a lot more leverage out of your marketing strategy is Infusionsoft.

At EFG, supporting you in developing sound marketing strategy then putting that strategy into action for you using Infusionsoft is what we do – in fact, it’s our #1 focus! Unlike providers who are competent at executing a portion of the vast variety of tasks within Infusionsoft, our goal is to take your Infusionsoft support to the next level and provide you with expert optimization of your strategy so you can realize more sales, more consistent cash flow and higher profits.

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