Imagine the effect Converting MORE than 2, 3 or 5 times the number of customers and clients you currently do would have for your cash flow and your peace of mind…

Image - Money Tree IllustrationNow imagine the lifetime value of those customers also increasing several fold, and you’re beginning to realize the power of the ConvertMORE™ process helping you clarify your message and focus your attention, package for profits and grow you business, your recognition as an authority and your life!

No matter your industry, if you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, consultant or professional service provider, figuring out the “magic formula” that delivers more customers, buying more from you, more often with less personal time and effort is the key to consistent cash flow, greater profits, higher personal income and the lifestyle you started your business for in the first place.

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Types of Businesses that Benefit Most from the ConvertMORE™ Process


Experts Seeking to Leverage Their Genius Online

You’re a bona fide Genius at what you do and you have a proven track record doing it. You know precisely whom you serve and how you serve them – you’ve been doing it brilliantly for years. But, you’d like to make more money and you’d like to have more time to focus on other things that are important to you too.

You’ve been actively working to build an online presence, you’ve proven people will buy what you offer, and you’re pretty jazzed at the prospect of breaking free to a consistent, sustainable business you can count on, but do you really have the business-building experience and online marketing and technical skills to make the kind of money you’ve been told is possible?

While many gurus hawking high ticket events and big-dollar coaching programs will tell you building your expert-driven, info-business is “push button easy,” the failure rate of information businesses is a whopping 63% by the 4-year mark, the worst of the most popular types of business start-ups (source: Statistic Brain).

Why take chances with your dream? You CAN do this – if you have the right support!



Professional Service Providers Seeking More Leverage

You love and want to continue delivering your Genius directly to your clients. What you don’t love is the battle for your time between the lead generation and follow up tasks and actually serving your clients. Imagine keeping all the benefits of one-on-one clients or patients and breaking free from the income limits imposed by charging by the hour and the time required to “network” your way to an always-full practice.That can be your reality when you choose to expand how you think about your practice. It’s all about creating leverage while never losing that “personal touch.” EFG can show you how.

Small Business Owners Seeking to Get Organized and Grow Sales

No matter your industry, being a successful and sane small business owner today requires up-to-the-minute awareness of the rapidly changing world known as “online marketing.” Today, it’s all about influence and relevance. So… are you? If your online marketing consists of “having a web site” and a Twitter account, or you’re still marketing your product or service using an online version of old-fashioned push-marketing tactics like banner ads, directories, renting or purchasing lists for relationship-void, one-off, “buy-this-now” email promos, radio or TV spots, now is the time to work with EFG to discover how to engage your audience for more customers, buying more from you, more often

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