Top 3 Marketing Mistakes – Are You Guilty?

Over and over we see these three marketing mistakes being made by newbie as well as the seasoned business owners, and they are deadly!

In fact, you’re probably making at least one of them right now. Here they are:

1) Forgetting it’s about them not you. My mother was right. It’s only natural for humans to naval gaze, but if you are going to be successful at marketing your business, you must be chin up and eyes forward! We wrote a whole blog on this topic recently, and here are a few more tips for checking this deadly error:

  • Scrub the I’s, they my’s, the me’s, and the mine’s and put the spotlight back on them. A simple technique for doing this is to flip a statement about you into a question posed to them.
  • Stop talking (so much) about your product or program – what you offer is just an extension of “you” after all. Nobody cares what you have until you’ve established what it will do for them.
  • Become your ideal client/customer before sitting down to create marketing content. Crawl into their head. Get into their emotional reality. The more you are able do this, the more empathetic and thereby effective your marketing will be.

#2) Forgetting it’s about a relationship not a one-buy-stand. Today no matter what you do, no matter your product or service, there’s someone else who does it too.  What set’s you apart? What causes someone to buy from you and not from one of the 47 other people at their fingertips they could choose?

One and only one thing – relationship. You buy from people you Know, Like and Trust — and so do your prospects!  Amp up your relationship building by reading the linked blog posts and with these tips:

  • Follow up. Follow up. Follow up.  Only one email after that opt in? Seriously? What do you expect to happen from just one email? And 2 or 3 won’t cut it either. Try 12 to 15 – or morewarm, personal and relevant communications, and that’s just to get things started!
  • Wow them. Surprise them. Go beyond the norm.  The bar for “exceptional service” is extremely low these days, meaning a tiny bit of wow-effort creates huge leverage for you.
  • Care. You’ve heard it before: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” And it’s true. If you care — really in-your-heart care — you’ll show up as though you do and your prospects will too.

#3) Forgetting to test! OK, let’s be honest, you’re not “forgetting” to test. You are simply not doing it. It just feels too hard, too complicated and too market-y. Fact is, your numbers drive your business and if you are not making decisions by the numbers then you’re not being a Savvy CEO, you’re being a HO (Hobby Owner).

Here’s a short list of resources that can help get you testing stat:

  • Infusionsoft – much bigger than just a system for testing, it’s what we use and recommend for both automating and fine tuning your marketing systems.
  • PlusThis – works with Infusionsoft for more robust A/B spit testing options.
  • Optimizely – versatile and (relatively) easy to set up.
  • OptimizePress – you can build your whole site using OptimizePress or add its powerful options to an existing site.
  • Leadpages – all kinds of testing bells and whistles here.

Inquiring minds want to know: What are your best tips and resources for putting the spotlight on those you serve, building the relationship and testing the efficacy of your marketing? Share them in the comment section!


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