Top 3 Takeaways from Infusionsoft’s Partnercon 2014

partnercon_logo_nav@2xIt’s 5:30 am Sunday morning post the annual Infusionsoft Certified Partner meeting, aka: Partnercon 2014, and I am on fire! It’s a good, no make that GREAT feeling, and candidly, it’s been awhile. I’ve been a bit flat for the past couple of years. Sure, we’ve been growing steadily and serving our clients, and I know we’ve brought value. But, that fiery passion (I am a ginger after all) I’d once had for this work was down to glowing embers. At least… until this past week. But it’s back more fiery than ever now, and here’s why:

Take Away #1: Your vulnerability is your power.

pcon_gallery1_2014In the opening session on Tuesday, Infusionsoft CEO, Clate Mask, provided a brief overview of the progress of the company over the past year plus a glimpse into what’s on tap for 2015 and the BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) for 2030 – yep, 2030. And it could have ended there. Clate could have stayed “safe” in his presentation, stuck to the high points and left the stage, but he didn’t. Instead he kept opening remarks short, and then put himself on the hot seat for questions from the audience.

And this audience was tough. For nearly an hour, Clate and Senior VP of Sales and Partner Development, Aaron Stead, responded to difficult questions with candor and transparency, owning the problems and challenges equally with the big wins and successes.  We didn’t just get the glossy overview, we got the real, raw, deal.  Clate’s unscripted, impassioned closing remarks set the tone for rest of the event and served to reignite my belief in Infusionsoft as a company, as my choice for my own business sales and marketing automation, and as an integral partner in the future of my business.

Take away #2: Be the best.

Infusionsoft is committed to being the best sales and marketing software for small business, and as a result of this commitment, they are experiencing exponential growth. In fact, in the not too distant future Infusionsoft will have as many Infusionsoft Certified Partners (ICP’s) as they currently have customers.  How can any one individual ICP get and remain visible in such a massive group?

Simple: be the best. Be the best at what YOU do. Know WHO you serve and HOW you serve them. Get crystal clear on your brand and your brand promise then live to that promise every single day. It’s not just the best way to ensure success in a crowded, competitive market, it’s the only way. If you are reading this you probably are not an ICP, but you too are trying to be seen and heard above the sea of faces and the din of an increasingly crowded market place. So put be the best at what YOU do, and let your best be good enough.

Take away #3: It rocks to be in the company of genius, and it’s really good for business.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day busy-ness of your business and not take the time to get out from behind the computer to simply hang out with your business besties! I know I’m guilty of this wrong-thinking, but you can’t build partnerships in a vacuum. Over and over again over the 3 days of the event, we were reminded that in addition to getting crystal clear on our unique specialization within the Infusionsoft ecosystem, partnerships are the key to exponential growth.

But it’s about more than just business growth, you can’t learn and grow from inside your own box either. The past few days immersed in the company of my ICP colleagues gave me the opportunity to connect, to give, to receive, and to see more clearly who I must become to make the impact I want to make.  It’s about seeing our potential through the accomplishments of our peers, and when you are looking through the accomplishments of other Infusionsoft Certified Partner’s, the view is pretty awesome.






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