Image-Questions“Arrrgh!! I should be able to do this a whole lot faster than I am.” This was the thought running through my mind as I stood buckled over on the trail taking in huge gulps of air, hoping the urge to throw up would pass without incident.

I was half way up an attempt to run the “goat trail”, a steep and twisty trail behind my house, and I was feeling it big time – and I did not like what I was feeling! This was not the body I was accustomed to. Something had shifted (like my fitness level – duh), and until that moment I had been in denial.

Time to snap out of it and get “real”! What was going on? Simple – I had not been accountable to myself and as a result I had lost something I deeply value – my desired baseline level of fitness. How did this happen?

Years ago I gave up pretty much all forms of metrics for my fitness routine. No more running with a watch or logging my workouts. Like a lot of women seeking to break free of the numbers. I had also ditched the scale and haven’t counted a calorie, fat gram or much of anything along those lines for years.

Not measuring was actually a necessary course correction from my previous life as a rigid perfectionist who felt “good” (of value) or “bad” (no value) based on the numbers – how fast I ran that day, what the scale read, etc. However, I had over compensated; thrown out the proverbial baby with the bath water and was facing the cold hard truth of my lack of accountability.

This is a powerful lesson as a business owner: “What gets measured, gets managed.” Dr. Peter Drucker summed it up when he coined the popular business mantra. How do you measure in the physical world? With numbers! I made a similar point on a tele-summit recently with the brilliant spiritual business coach Suzanne Falter – ” You demonstrate self love by being willing to pay attention to the metrics of your business (and of your life).”

The magic is in the balancing a willingness to be consistently accountable to the present experience using objective means whenever possible (that’s numbers folks), and an awareness that the current experience is a reflection of your choices and decisions up to that moment. It is your soul’s current gps point on the journey of life – not a statement of your intrinsic value or of your ability to successfully navigate to a different experience. In fact, knowing where you are now is the ONLY way to get where you want to be!

Action Step: Identify on paper in what areas of your business are you hiding from the numbers. What are you unwilling to objectively measure and clearly see for what it is in your business and your life? To the exact degree that you avoid or hide from the metrics, you are lost. You cannot find your way to a desired experience until you get real and know where you are. You can begin right now. I have. I bought a new running watch!

Note: this article was originally published by Your Body Your Guru – a body-centered entrepreneurial success system created by MaryKay Morgan.

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When she's not outside hiking in the beautiful foothills of the Rocky Mountains or in her garden, MaryKay can be found strategizing how to help small business owners and entrepreneurs get more out of their businesses - more time, more impact, more profits, and more scale. She's mad for all things marketing, Memberium powered membership sites, craft beer and Boulder (not necessarily in that order).